Essential Yoga Sangha

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Pairing Yoga & Essential Oils

An Interactive 2-week course

Ideal for both beginning & seasoned yoga & essential oil students

Essential Yoga Sangha allows participants direct access to the creators of Essential Yoga Practice. It's a prerequisite for those who want to join our affiliate organization for yoga teachers and aromatherapy educators. 

Participating yoga teachers will receive extra instruction each day specific to teaching their students, and we are approved with Yoga Alliance to provide continuing education credits for yoga teachers!

Participants can plan on approximately 1 hour of instruction per day through multiple videos and text, allowing you to work the education into your schedule. Participants have up to a month to complete the course.

A Few Highlights...

Experience for yourself the synergistic benefits for body, mind & spirit

  • Learn about the characteristics that comprise pure and effective essential oils
  • Learn how to choose particular essential oils to achieve a targeted result
  • Experience different methods for essential oil application
  • Learn how to incorporate essential oils with various parts of your yoga experience
  • Get an introduction to yoga, and its sister science Ayurveda, and how to incorproate these practices to positively affect wellness in every day life
  • ...and so much more!



  • Introduce Yourself
  • Disqus Instructions

Day 1 -- What are Essential Oils

  • What are Essential Oils
  • How do Essential Oils Work in the Body
  • Essential Oils Usage
  • Essential Yoga Practice Book
  • Challenge
  • ATI
  • Safety Guidelines _ Troubleshooting

Day 2 -- Essential Oil Quality & Results

  • Purity _ Potency
  • Results as Good as Oil Quality
  • Insider's Scoop
  • Challenge

Day 3 -- Diffusers

  • Diffusers
  • Different Types of Diffusers
  • Diffuser Instructions in Book
  • Where to Get Diffusers
  • Challenge
  • Diffuser Recipes

Day 4 -- Essential Oils for Restorative Poses

  • Restorative Yoga
  • Savasana for Yoga Sangha
  • Reflexology Chart
  • How oils help
  • Challenge

Day 5 -- Topical-Aromatic combo for Pranayama Breathing Exercises

  • Topical and Aromatic Pathways
  • Intention _ Pranayama
  • Topical _ Aromatic Oil Pairings
  • Challenge -- Pranayama - Breath of Fire

Day 6 -- Using Essential Oils Internally in your Yoga Practice

  • Using Oils Internally
  • Ingesting Essential Oils
  • Internal use of oils with Yoga
  • Challenge

Day 7 -- Gratitude

  • Gratitude

Day 8 -- Natural Oils for Mat Care _ Equipment

  • What You Don't Know May Hurt You
  • Cleaning with essential oils
  • Green Yoga Mat Cleaner
  • Challenge

Day 9 -- Natural Oils for Room Care

  • Saucha, Cleanliness
  • Effects of Cleanliness
  • Everyday Awareness
  • Green Recipes
  • Challenge

Day 10 -- Doshas, Yoga and Oils

  • Introducing Vata Dosha
  • Introducing Pitta Dosha
  • Introducing Kapha PP
  • What is your Dosha
  • Doshas in everyday life

Day 11 -- Chakras, Yoga _ Oils

  • Introducing Chakras
  • Opening the Chakras
  • Mudras for your chakras
  • Challenge

Day 12 -- Ayurveda _ Essential Oils

  • Intro to Ayurveda
  • Ayurveda and Aromatherapy
  • Ayurveda into Practice
  • Self awareness through Ayurveda & Yoga
  • Challenge

Day 13 -- Meditation, Intention, Yoga _ Essential Oils

  • Today is all about meditation
  • What is Meditation?
  • Benefits
  • Aromatherapy can affect meditation
  • Tips for Meditating
  • Challenge
  • Feedback
  • Namaste

About Your Instructors

Mona Flynn &  Asti Atkinson

Mona Flynn & Asti Atkinson


Essential Yoga Practice

Mona Flynn, MS, RYT 500E: Mona has over 25 years of experience in the wellness and fitness industries.  She is well rounded in the fitness arena with advanced study in Exercise Physiology and several certifications with fitness organizations.  Having worked first with a physical therapist and in the areas of rehabilitation, her teaching style is to pull knowledge from rehab into the area of prevention.   She has worked primarily with special populations,  and as a result of study and preparation for these groups,  her interest in using yoga  and other means of natural and alternative therapies grew.  Mona has been a yoga student since 1989 .   She is a Yoga Alliance registered teacher since 2003, a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists  since 2005, and Co-owner of the Institute of Integrated Yoga Therapy, a four part yoga teacher training school.  She joined doTERRA  as a Wellness Advocate in 2011, after meeting Asti and recognizing  Asti’s incredible knowledge and experience with essential oils, as well as her recognized leadership in doTERRA.

As the owner of Lifefit, Inc., Mona maintains a balance of leading many group and private classes weekly,  helps to train a competitive swim team, conducts yoga and Pilates workshops each summer and is an invited speaker to share her insight and experience in many areas of wellness and fitness.  She is always ready to be the student,  learning about more ways to improve upon wellness, as well as to lead, sharing her knowledge with her students, and volunteering in many ways to support and build community.   Mona is an excellent speaker,  mentor,  and teacher.  She is recognized as a movement specialist, combining knowledge and experience in applied anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics of movement, with attention and care for safety, and for the needs of the individual,  so as to educate and empower students to prioritize  self care in their wellness practices.  She is the mother of two and lives in North Carolina with her husband.

Asti Atkinson, HHC: Asti has been a Wellness Advocate & Educator since 2010 and she has been using essential oils since 1998. Her wellness journey began with a search for more natural solutions for health and wellness.  She quickly discovered that all essential oils are not created equal.  She experienced first-hand the importance that sourcing, harvesting, extraction and testing have on the purity and potency of the end product.

This led to her passion for teaching others how to incorporate pure essential oils and other natural solutions into their lifestyle to assist with their emotional and physical wellbeing. It also led to her interest in Yoga in connection with the application of pure essential oils, both of which are ancient practices dating back thousands of years.

Asti has spoken at numerous health and fitness events around the country and has created and collaborated on wellness training programs and seminars, all designed to educate, empower and inspire participants to incorporate natural solutions into their lifestyle.  Asti also regularly participates in health and wellness training courses and seminars to increase her knowledge and expertise.

Asti lives in Utah with her husband and two sons. She loves to travel with her family and enjoys outdoor adventures including skiing, hiking, camping


How to choose a quality oil

Which oil(s) achieve which results

Expand your yoga practice & understanding of yourself

Reduce toxicity in your environment

Effective diffuser use for home & studio

Incorporate Ayurvedic principles into your practice


The Essential Yoga Sangha class brought to light a lot of great new information while reinforcing concepts I learned previously. The videos showed how to make a cleaning spray with essential oils, how to use oils in yoga class and during meditation. The presentations tied Yoga and essential oils together beautifully. I loved the guided meditations! As a Yoga Teacher this class provided new information for me incorporate into my teaching. I highly recommend this class!
Lisa H, North Carolina Yoga Teacher
The essential yoga sangha contained a wealth of information. Even though I've been studying essential oils for a few years now and had in-depth yoga therapy training, I still learned so much from this sangha. You learn from Mona and Asti as well as your fellow sangha mates. I want to go back to catch the many, many pieces of helpful information - from another amazing thing that an oil can help to another yoga asana or practice that is very effective for physical and emotional support.
Stephanie J, North Carolina Yogi
I have used essential oils for many years, and I loved how Mona and Asti connected the dots so I could understand how to incorporate oils into my new yoga practice...I could easily see the many layers of education here so that it works well for newbies as well as experts. This is a must-attend!
Becky B, Texas Personal Trainer

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